Suzan K. Manning is a native born Arizonan. She embraces art in all forms…melodious or articulated on a surface. Most of all, she loves the art of words. Most of Suzan’s life until age 20, was on a dairy farm of Registered Holsteins. She is inspired by the tactile in nature, the harmonies and the views. Her parents encouraged intentional experiences which instilled introspection as she viewed the world around her.

Suzan’s rich Russian Molokan heritage imbedded itself in her heart, and her desire to share her personal experiences followed a path exampled by her mother, Bettie. The art of words. Thus, “An Angel Stood Before Me: A Poetry Journal” was birthed.

Welcome to Volume 1.

Suzan is the mother of seven children and grandmother of sixteen. She received a Masters of Professional Counseling and a Masters of Education in her early 50’s.